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Who are we?

The Oracle Advisory Group in Ballina is more than a standard accounting firm; we bring the culmination of decades of diverse experiences and resilience to the local community.

Our lead accountant, Matt Prentice, brings a wealth of international experience in investment banking together with a deep understanding of the local community’s needs and a love for the people and businesses of the area. After facing personal and natural challenges of his own, including devastating floods that swept away his home office, Matt has embraced a new beginning and opportunity in being part of the Oracle Advisory Group, and is thrilled to be able to serve the Northern Rivers community with distinction.

What services can we offer?

Our philosophy

At Oracle, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about people. We understand that behind every tax return, financial statement, or business plan, there’s a story, goals and aspirations, and challenges to overcome. Matt is here to listen, understand, and offer the advice you need to make the best, well-informed decisions for your needs.

We pride ourselves on an approach that is always personal, empathetic, and focused on adding value to both your personal finances and the health of your business.

What are you looking for in an accountant in Ballina?

We cater to a diverse clientele, including tradies, teachers, and support workers, ensuring that everyone in town gets the attention and expertise they deserve. Our services are designed to be flexible, adapting to the unique demands of the Northern Rivers region, where the personal touch matters just as much as professional acumen.

In short, Matt can help you if your goals include:

  • I need assistance with tax matters, both personal and for your business.
  • I need assistance with bookkeeping.
  • I want assistance in financing my business.
  • I am looking for accounting support to aid in business decision-making.
  • I have debt that I need help with managing.
  • I need independent checks on the correctness and fairness of financial statements.

We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation!

The initial consultation is the opportunity for you to meet with Matt and discover why we’re the first choice when you need a chartered accountant in Ballina. In that consultation, we will use a variety of financial tools to obtain a complete and thorough understanding of:

  • Your personal goals and objectives.
  • What you need from your accountant.
  • Your current financial situation.

From there we will build a package of services that meets your needs and sets us up to work closely into the future.

Our commitment

One of Matt’s goals and joys in his profession is to build long-lasting relationships with each of his clients. This means he’s there to support you through the most dramatic challenges, such as the aftermath of a flood, navigating a business challenge, and the stickiest of taxation challenges… and he’s there to celebrate the successes in your financial health too.

The way we see it, our commitment to our client and the community in Ballina extends beyond the office walls; we’re part of the town’s fabric, sharing in all the key moments that help to define such a resilient community of Australians.

Our promise

We’re more than just chartered accountants, we offer a safe space for honest conversations, empathetic advice, and a commitment to your well-being.

Our Ballina location is not just an office; it’s about connections, understanding, and the personal touch. Whether you’ve been living in the area for generations, or you’ve just become part of the community yourself, we look forward to speaking with you.

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