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Moving a loved one into an aged care facility is not easy!

Once the decision arrives to move a loved one into an aged care facilities there is a minefield of possible issues that can arise.

On top of all this, you may worry about:

  • What would be the best location?
  • How will we fund it?
  • Are they going to look after them well enough?
  • Are they going to be happy?
  • I should be able to look after them but we just don’t have space or time?

The anxiety for all family members involved, as well as having to deal with companies, terms you don’t understand, and government departments that cloud the process. 

It’s not easy, and gaining the right advice from people who have experience dealing with these matters, is crucial to maximise benefits and reduce the pressure felt.

An Aged Care Specialist Financial Advisor can help to streamline some of the many issues and decisions you will have to make.


These main decisions include:

  • Funding and reducing aged care accommodation payments

  • Helping to negotiate with the facilities themselves

  • Creating strategies to minimise taxation implications

  • Maximising government support such as pensions and aged care assistance

  • Strategies for the transfer, sale or rental of residential home

  • Estate Planning – Discussions around Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianships

At Oracle Advisory Group, we specialise in this area of advice, have extensive experience and can help to simplify the process to help you understand the options.

Our complimentary initial strategy session will help you to understand the many opportunities and pitfalls that exist, and more importantly, how we can guide you to a place that suits your individual needs.

Contact us today and start your journey towards a greater freedom that you deserve and a partnership with people who care!

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