Aged Care Advice

We create effective solutions for aged care advice

Preparing the way for yourself or a loved one to enter residential aged care can be difficult.

You don’t have to face it alone.

Getting advice from a specialist aged care adviser can guide you through the process, providing professional advice and support to create effective solutions for you and your family.

How we can help

  • We assist you and your family to understand the range of care options and how the aged care system works.
  • We outline the steps ahead to help you find and access the right type of care.
  • We act as a central reference point for clear and relevant information on aged care and how your finances are impacted.
  • We help you to evaluate what you can afford so you can focus on searching for a suitably aged care service.
  • We explain the fees and how they are calculated to estimate what you might need to pay.
  • We evaluate the options and strategies for your accommodation payment.

Experienced aged care advisers

Oracle has extensive experience assisting clients entering aged care. We aim to provide all clients with peace of mind during a difficult times in their lives.

Our financial advisers providing advice in aged care hold Specialist Accreditation as an Aged Care Steps Professional and are recognised as FPA Aged Care Specialists.

Oracle Aged Care Services

Care at home

How Oracle can assist:

  • At home services (CHSP / Home Care Package)
  • Accessing services
  • Choosing a provider

Granny Flats

How Oracle can assist:

  • Understanding the fees
  • Choosing a provider

Retirement Village

How Oracle can assist:

  • Review Contract arrangements

Residential Aged Care

How Oracle can assist:

  • Accommodation Payment Choices
  • How fees are calculated
  • Impact on Centrelink benefits
  • Provide cash flow scenarios and the effect of retaining or selling the family home
  • Provide information on ongoing fees

The value of Oracle advice

aged care

The Aged Care journey can be a maze of appointments and information. We know this from our previous experience.

We provide you with clear, accurate and relevant information, delivered simply and in manageable amounts. Our professional advice enables clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

Forward Planning

  • Timely planning enables elderly parents to transition to aged care with ease and dignity.

Simplicity Amidst Confusion

  • An adviser provides a central point for accurate and relevant information on aged care.

An Impartial Voice

  • An adviser can act as an independent voice during sensitive family discussions and as a conduit to achieve agreement.

Creation of a pathway

  • Your family can understand the decisions and actions needed to secure the appropriate level of care.

Negating emotions

  • Objective recommendation removes emotion from the decision-making process.

The big picture

  • Advice is based on a complete understanding of your situation and unwanted consequences may be avoided.

Confidence and peace of mind

  • Professional advice enables your family to make informed decisions with confidence.

Family cohesion

  • Minimise the potential for family disputes with a review of estate planning issues.

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