Become an Oracle Office

We have the expertise, financial backing, experience and administrative support to assist you to expand your financial planning practice.

We are able to offer a range of opportunities including an Oracle office or a salaried position in either an existing or new Oracle office.

Oracle can offer your business a range of benefits and incentives to join us including Training, Paraplanning, Business Support, Technical Support, Succession Planning, Compliance, Oracle Model Portfolio’s, Marketing and Communications.

Oracle Advisory Group is an integrated financial business with diverse operations including:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance
  • SMSF Administration
  • Accounting
  • Mortgage Broking

Our aim is to be our client’s primary source of advice on all of their financial matters.

Our mission is to be the client`s trusted partner in their financial life journey.

We value the highest level of integrity whilst always putting the client`s interests first. We will do this in a compliant and efficient manner.

  • Strong and approachable Management
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training program
  • State of the art administration software
  • Efficient, timely and cost effective paraplanning service
  • Experienced, approachable and competent management team
  • Wide investment menu including solidly performing Oracle Model Portfolios
  • Growing and respected brand
  • Business support including business planning and strategy
  • Support with staff recruitment, marketing, compliance, paraplanning, client reporting and income collection
  • Oracle Mortgage Broking facilities
  • Oracle SMSF administration service
  • Oracle Accounting services
  • Succession Planning
Oracle are seeking to engage with financial planners who:

  • Would like to reduce their cost of doing business
  • Would like to reduce the costs that their clients are paying
  • Put their clients interest first
  • Are motivated to grow their business
  • Are compliant in their approach to business
  • Are seeking an efficient and cost effective administration platform

What Oracle can offer

Oracle has a flat management structure and we pride ourselves on being approachable to everyone in our network.

We know that we are not the only ones with good ideas and we love to hear from our team members on how we can do things better. We try to avoid saying that it can`t be done. We would rather focus on how it can be done.

Comprehensive initial and ongoing training program

  • Financial Adviser`s Manual (64 Pages)
  • Companion to Adviser Manual (180 pages)

Administration training

We don`t believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe that Xplan is the best financial planning software on the market and that is why we use it. We try and use it to it`s full potential. We believe it’s very powerful software which can be moulded to the individual requirements of your business.

Xplan can transfer the data from your existing provider to the Xplan client management system. We then provide you in depth training on how best to utilise this software.

We provide face to face training with our administration manager including training on XPlan:

  1. Threads: New clients, Review of existing clients and Other
  2. Tasks
  3. Cases – client service packages, (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  4. Opt In. Fee Disclosure Statements
  5. Wizards: Fact Finds, Strategy Wizard including SOA request form and SOA
  6. Risk profiling
  7. Portfolio Valuations
  8. File Notes – categorising
  9. Community (including several hundred training videos)
  10. Adding a new client
  11. Diary System
  12. Linking Super, Pension and Investments to data feed

CPD System training

Insurance training

  • Xplan Risk Researcher quoting system
  • Implementation
  • Online functionality of insurance company portals

Paraplanning training

Oracle Investment Philosophy

Investment Menu training including:

  • Managed Funds
  • Model Portfolios
  • Blended Portfolios
  • Annuities
  • Platforms
  • Insurance
  • ETF`s
  • Margin Lending
  • Banking and CMA`s
  • Direct Shares
You may choose to use your existing paraplanning staff or contractor, or alternatively Oracle are able to offer a cost effective paraplanning service, on either a per plan, full time or part time contractor basis.

Comprehensive technical paraplanning support is also available. All SOA and ROA all must be constructed consistently with Oracle’s layout and content style.

Our approach with clients has always been, “look after the client and they will look after you” and “if the client does well the business will do well”.

We enter an Oracle relationship with the same ideals. We’re not interested in short term relationships. Entering into a business relationship is like entering into a marriage. “Choose well and plan to be together for a long time”. As in marriage the principle of looking after each other is one of the keys to success and longevity. If it doesn`t work for both parties , it won`t last for long.

With these principles in mind, our aim is to provide as much support as is needed to make your business successful. The management of Oracle have been in financial planning for 34 years and we have the systems, personnel, experience, financial backing and determination to provide the support that you need to grow your business.

We can provide support in the big picture items such as Business:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Financing

We can also provide support to your business in the areas of:

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Paraplanning
  • Client Reporting
  • Income Collection And Reporting
  • Administration
Oracle provide access to our technical support team who can provide ongoing advice in relation to all matters relating to financial planning, superannuation and centerlink.
Whilst we would love you to remain at Oracle forever, we understand that the time will come to transition out of the business. We are willing and able to assist you with this transition by either purchasing the business from you at an attractive price or to assist you in finding another purchaser.


Compliance continues to be a growing component of every financial planning business. We believe that a high level of compliance is integral to managing a successful operation. Oracle embraces a compliant culture and provides a high level of support in this area.

Oracle employs an internal compliance team, which engages with every component of the business. Additionally, Oracle maintains external compliance consultants which meet with the Oracle compliance team on a quarterly basis. The external consultants also provide ongoing advice as required. They also audit each adviser on an annual basis.

An internal adviser audit is also undertaken six months after each external audit is undertaken.

Oracle will provide you with a broad range of policy documents including:

  • Client file checklist
  • Safe Harbour Checklist
  • Ongoing Service Agreements – parameters around this to ensure compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Remuneration
  • Term of Service

We will continue to provide ongoing advice and support in relation to managing a compliant business operation.

Oracle portfolios are all available in Investment and Superannuation formats and include:

Model Portfolios

  • Global Equities – Large Cap
  • Australian Equities – Large Cap
  • Australian Emerging Companies
  • Fixed Interest
  • Property Securities

Blended Portfolios

  • Capital Stable
  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • High Growth

Ethical Growth Portfolio

Oracle Models continue to outperform competitors and benchmarks and are a key benefit of being with Oracle.

The Oracle Investment Management analysts are available to staff, so that advisers can fully understand the underlying investments. Availability includes:

  • One on one communication
  • Group update from analysts at online monthly adviser meeting
  • For seminar presentations

The following Oracle marketing resources are available for your use (hard and soft copy):

  • Oracle Advisory Group brochure
  • Oracle Investment Management brochure
  • Oracle Insurance brochure Oracle
  • Mortgage Broking brochure

Soft Copy Only

  • Online Resource Library (wide range of publications on many topics)
  • Monthly Investment Portfolio update
  • Quarterly newsletter


Your office identified on the Oracle website, with all details of staffing and location included on separate landing page, to assist clients locate your office.

Technical Brochures

A range of brochures in both hard and soft copies that discuss a wide range of topics associated with financial planning and wealth creation.

We believe that communication is at the core of every successful relationship.

We provide the following communications to you on a regular basis:

  • Monthly online adviser meeting
  • Online intranet with a wide range of useful documents
  • Regular contact from Oracle Office
  • Monthly Investment adviser newsletter providing portfolio updates
  • Quarterly Client Newsletter
  • Staff are always available to respond to your enquiry or feedback

Self licenced advisors

If you are currently a self licenced business, you may wish to consider moving to an Oracle licence.

The benefits of this are numerous and include:

  • Eliminating the costs of self licencing
  • Reduced professional indemnity costs
  • Reduced software costs

In addition to this, many self licensees spend considerable time undertaking administrative tasks associated with running the business. By moving to an Oracle model many of these tiresome duties can be undertaken by Oracle`s head office, leaving you with more time to service your clients.

Oracle can provide the following services:

  • Paraplanning
  • Revenue collection
  • Compliance
  • IT and telecommunications (Oracle can provide advice and assistance in this area)
  • Company marketing and website
  • Funds Management, Platform administration and product development
  • Mortgage Broking
  • PI Insurance
  • Staff recruitment
  • Printing and Stationery
  • Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use and what are the costs associated with this?

Xplan. One client focus package is included in your licence fee. If additional client focus packages or multiple modules are required, the direct cost from Xplan is paid by the licensee.
The cost of transferring your data to Xplan is borne by the licensee. Xplan will provide a quote in advance for this service.

Does Oracle have their own Intranet?

Yes many of our adviser resources are stored on the intranet for easy staff access. Many useful documents are stored on the Oracle Intranet including:

  • Compliance
  • How to Guides
  • Human Resources
  • Newsletter and Marketing
  • Oracle Investment Products
  • Paraplanning
  • Organisational chart
  • APL Policy
  • Research Links

Who is your core education provider and what are the costs associated with this

Kaplan. The cost for the first adviser is included in your licence fee. Additional advisers are charged the fee that Kaplan levies for the additional adviser. Tracking of adviser CPD progress is available on your Kaplan login.

How do you generate Opt-In, Fee Disclosure Statements and Statements of Advice?

Each of these documents are generated through Xplan.

How do I organise a Statements of Advice?

You are able to use either your own paraplanner or an Oracle paraplanner, however you must use the Oracle SOA template which is available through Xplan. Each SOA must be personalised to the clients individual circumstances to ensure that it is in the client`s best interests.

How do I source a Financial Services Guide?

Oracle will issue you with you own Financial Services Guide. This will need to be provided to all clients once you join Oracle. Any changes to the Financial Services Guide will need to be approved by Oracle.

How do I source Compliance Support?

All licensees have direct access to the Oracle Compliance Manager, who will be able to assist with any compliance matters that arise.

How are Licensee levies charged?

Oracle offer two levels of licensee fees.

1. For advisers that use Oracle prepared investment solutions the following fees are charged Minimum Fee First Adviser         $25,000 Each additional adviser $10,000

OR 5% of revenue whichever is higher

2. For advisers that we approve to use their own discretion when selecting investments, the following fees are charged. Minimum Fee First Adviser  $35,000 Each additional adviser $20,000

OR 7% of revenue whichever is higher

What is included in these fees?

  1. Kaplan. The cost for the first adviser is included in your licence fee. Additional advisers are simply charged the fee that Kaplan levies for the additional adviser. Tracking of adviser CPD progress is available through your Kaplan login.
  2. One Xplan client focus package is included in your licence fee. If additional client focus packages or multiple modules are required,  the cost from Xplan is paid by the licensee.The cost of transferring your data to Xplan is borne by the licensee. Xplan will provide a quote in advance for this service.

What is not included in your licence fees?

  1.  Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is levied at a percentage of the revenue of your business. Currently the percentage ranges from 2 to 3% of your revenues. The actual amount depends on the type of advice that you provide to your clients.
  2. ASIC Levy. Oracle simply pass on the cost of the ASIC levy to the licensee.
What is Oracle`s policy in relation to Approved Products?

Oracle has a wide APL across all asset classes in managed funds and model portfolios. Additionally, most insurers are included on the APL policy document.

How do we select investments for inclusion on the APL?

Principally we use Morningstar research that have a three star or above rating.

Are advisers able to access research from Morningstar?


Do Oracle have their own investment products?

Yes Oracle does have a range of model portfolio.

When will Oracle pay me my revenues?

Revenues are paid to advisers monthly. Should you have any questions in relation to this you are able to contact one of our revenue team to answer your questions.

When are the licensee fees paid to Oracle?

Licence fees are withdrawn from the monthly revenue statements.

Who do I contact when I need assistance?

We encourage you to communicate directly with the person who is responsible for the area that you need assistance with. Additionally, you can contact the adviser relationship manager, who will also be able to assist you.

If you would like to discuss further building your business with Oracle, we would love to talk with you.
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