Riding the wave of life has many highs and lows, when striving to achieve your personal goals in life.

Owen Wright, champion Australian surfer has handled the lows of injury and the highs of winning an Olympic medal recently at the Toykyo Olympics.

The recent coverage from the Toykyo Olympics, from the event partners has been second to none, and the spectacle firmly on the athletes. There was no mention of no crowds, and the athletes continued to break records one after another, despite not being cheered on live by their adoring fans.

I have been fortunate enough, these Olympics to share the experience with children. Aspiring athletes in any their own right. My two boys, one of which just loves to swim, he trains most days and has competed in state titles. While my other son desires to be a professional track athlete, with no training, he has won events from the 400m to the triple jump at a representative carnival recently. In fact, his triple jump would have given him a silver medal in the Queensland Athletics Championships last year.

With the Olympics in Brisbane in 2032 confirmed, my boys daring to dream big. They have been inspired by watching their heroes on the TV.

Owen Wright

One hero that hasn’t had much fanfare, however, is extremely deserving is Owen Wright, Australia’s first ever Olympic medalist in surfing. Owen started his Olympic campaign by losing his heat in the first round, but luckily, he was gifted a wild card lucky loser heat, which he then went on to win. He had to do it the hard way to get Australia’s their first surfing medal, by beating the best competition surfer in the world to win his medal.

To give you some background how far Owen Wright has really come, in 2015 he suffered a crippling head injury. He was left with brain trauma and unable to feed himself, or walk, let alone get on a surfboard. Yet over the course of 12 months, with the help of others he slowly rebuilt his mind and his body. Owen continued his recovery journey and was rewarded by the opportunity only 3 others before him have, to surf for Australia in the Olympics.

Plan to achieve gold!

You might ask what surfing has to do with your financial situation, well hang in there and I will explain. There are many peaks and troughs, in life as there are in investing. The euphoria of riding that perfect wave of investment returns, only to be dumped by an event nobody saw occurring, happens all too often. However, with the help of a professional financial advisor and a tailored financial plan, you too can be helped to achieving your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Owen, I am sure had a plan in place – to surf at the highest level and ultimately win a medal at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. However, through his plan he would need to achieve multiple targets along the way. This is just what we do with our clients to ensure they are on track, and in the best financial shape they can be. Like many of us, we want to retire as soon as we can and save as much money as possible for your retirement nest egg. For many of us its’ about getting access to the aged pension, for others helping their children or grandchildren out. Like the goal of the gold medal, you to have goals, our approach to your lifestyle needs is based around these goals.

Your Investment and Lifestyle team

Oracle assists you as part of your investment and lifestyle planning team. Think of us as the person that is holding you accountable to taking the grandchildren on that holiday, doing those renovations, buying the ram truck to tow the caravan. Also, we are there when times are not so good, negative portfolio returns, a terrible diagnosis, or worse still the loss of a loved one.

We are there for the whole process during both the highs and lows of life.

Like Owen, you are out their riding the wave, we are in the background ensuring everything can be done to ensure you are financially fit enough to achieve your own lifelong goals.

Get in touch with us today for complimentary consultation to discuss your financial position and we can provide you advice tailored to your unique situation.

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