In a significant development for Australian parents, the government has announced that parental leave payments will now be eligible for superannuation contributions. This policy change has far-reaching implications for parents planning for maternity leave and highlights the importance of understanding how superannuation works in the context of parental leave.

In this article, we’ll explore what this news means for parents, how it impacts their superannuation, and what they need to know to make informed decisions about their financial future.

What’s Changing?

Traditionally, when parents take maternity or parental leave, they may receive government-funded parental leave payments. However, these payments were not considered as income for superannuation purposes, meaning that no super contributions were made during this period. The recent announcement by the Australian government changes this by allowing eligible parents to receive superannuation contributions while on parental leave.

From 1 July 2025, the Australian government will pay superannuation on the government-funded Paid Parental Leave (PPL) which will be administered by the ATO. This measure is not yet law.

    Implications for Parents

    This policy change offers several key benefits:

    Increased Retirement Savings

    By receiving super contributions during parental leave, parents can continue to build their retirement savings even while taking time off work to care for their children.

    Financial Security

    Building superannuation during maternity leave provides an additional layer of financial security for parents, helping to ensure they are adequately prepared for retirement.

    Gender Equality

    The inclusion of super contributions during parental leave promotes gender equality by recognising and valuing the unpaid work of caregivers, typically mothers, and supporting their long-term financial well-being.

      What You Need to Know

      While the inclusion of superannuation contributions during parental leave is a positive development, there are several important considerations for parents to be aware of:

      Eligibility Criteria

      Not all parents may be eligible for government-funded parental leave payments or super contributions during leave. It’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria and requirements for accessing these benefits – your financial advising service can help you with this if you have any questions.

      Impact on Parental Leave Payments

      Receiving super contributions during parental leave may impact the amount of government-funded parental leave payments received. Parents should carefully consider the potential implications before making decisions about their parental leave arrangements.

      Tax Implications

      Super contributions made during parental leave may be subject to different tax treatment compared to regular super contributions. Seeking advice from a financial advisor or tax professional can help parents understand the tax implications of receiving super during leave.

      Planning for the Future

      Parents should take this opportunity to review their overall financial situation and long-term goals, including retirement planning. Considering factors such as income protection, insurance, and investment strategies can help parents ensure they are adequately prepared for the future.

      How to Take Advantage

      To take advantage of super contributions during parental leave, parents should:

      Check Eligibility

      Confirm eligibility for government-funded parental leave payments and super contributions during leave.

      Notify Employer

      Inform their employer of their intention to take parental leave and request that super contributions be made during this period.

      Seek Advice

      Consult with a financial adviser to understand the implications and benefits of receiving super during parental leave.

      Review Financial Plan

      Ensure you stay on track to achieve your financial goals by reviewing and adjusting your financial plan to account for changes in super contributions during your leave.

      Summing up

      The inclusion of superannuation contributions during parental leave marks a significant step forward in supporting the financial well-being of parents. By understanding the implications of this policy change and taking proactive steps to maximise their superannuation benefits during maternity leave, you will be better prepared for their financial future and ensure long-term security for you and your families.

      It is important to stay informed, seek advice from an Oracle financial adviser, and carefully plan for the future to secure a brighter financial outlook.

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