BRW FINANCIAL Group Becomes Part of The Oracle Family

BRW FINANCIAL Group Becomes Part of The Oracle Family

Oracle Advisory Group is happy to announce that BRW Financial Group has joined its ever-growing family, and this new partnership will further deepen the depth of expertise across Oracle Advisory Group, while giving BRW customers access to a broader range of services.

BRW Financial Group is a natural fit for the Oracle Group, with natural synergies in approach and style. Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, BRW Financial Group joins a growing group of financial specialists across Sydney. BRW Financial Group specialises in helping clients over the age of 55 make the transition to retirement and then assists them in retirement.


Oracle Financial Planning Services

We offer a full range of financial planning services to our clients, both as individuals and businesses. The services that we offer allow us to build complete plans that work for you and your needs, and the areas that we offer services in include:

Our customers come to us for everything from:

Note: this is just a summary of our most requested services. If your financial needs are unique and beyond the scope of above, then be sure to talk to us, as our team can tailor services to meet your needs.


How Will BRW Financial Group Clients Benefit From Oracle Financial Planning Services?

BRW Financial clients can now access the benefits that come from a truly national organisation. Oracle Advisory Group has the scope to assist to assist you with any of your financial needs.


Consider Our Other Financial Services!

Oracle Advisory Group’s scope extends well beyond financial planning, too, and this is another benefit that BRW Financial clients can now take advantage of; we offer a full suite of services and can be your one-stop-shop partner in finance. Our team can assist you with mortgage broking, home loans, investment loans, care and recreational vehicle loans, business loans and equipment finance.


What Happens To BRW Financial Group?

For clients, absolutely nothing changes, and it remains business as usual. You will continue to be able to access your existing accounting services by speaking to the Oracle team.

We are excited to formally welcome the BRW Financial clients to the Oracle family!

Be sure to reach out to us to discuss your accounting needs.

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