Cash Flow Budgeting

Are you:

  • Living pay-to-pay?
  • Stressed due to lack of cash-flow?
  • Struggling to get ahead with debt payments?
  • Need a holiday but cannot afford one?

Make a change now – it is not difficult, and you can do it with EASE:

  • Establish – You daily spending habits
  • Assess – The difference between your cash inflows and cash outflows
  • Separate – Your money into expense and savings buckets
  • Empower – Your money to work harder for you and cash outflows

Making your finances work for you

A Cash Budget can have negative connotations, it may imply that you can’t spend money or have the nice things in life.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Following a budget means treating your household like a business and taking control of your daily finances.

Understanding where your money comes from and goes to is essential for setting up a budget that enables focused control on expenditure.

Reducing expenditure where possible and funnelling your money into pre-determined buckets allows you to build wealth faster, ensure cash flow for bills and enables debt management.

Debt Management is the process of funnelling cash flow into debt to be pay it down faster. By reducing debt faster decreases the interest payments over the life of a loan letting more funds be available for you.

Try our Budget Calculator below and see where all your money goes, then set-up an appointment with us to take it one-step-further.

At Oracle Advisory Group we specialise in analysing your current cash inflows and outflows and tailoring a budget plan based on your specific needs.

Our complimentary initial strategy session will help you to understand the process of implementation and ongoing support required to make this strategy effective.

Contact us today and start your journey towards a greater freedom that you deserve and a partnership with people who care!

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