Coastal Financial & Insurance Services Joins Oracle!

Coastal Financial & Insurance Services Has Joined The Oracle Family!

Oracle are thrilled to welcome Paul Mercer from Coastal Financial & Insurance Services to the growing Oracle family. Paul brings over 25 years of experience in financial services and planning and he will continue to provide expert and tailored services to the people and businesses of the area.

Paul has joined the Oracle Taree office, and there will be no disruption for his clients, who have relied on his expertise for many years. Paul will continue to provide expert financial advice, the big difference is that clients can now access the broad suite of Oracle services, a one-stop for all your financial needs.

Who Is Oracle?

Oracle has striven is to be the first and primary source of financial services to our clients. As a company we believe that if we provide clients with detailed, personalised, holistic financial advice combined with a portfolio of investments that outperforms the market, we will provide a compelling value proposition to our clients.

Throughout our history, the team at Oracle have looked to innovate, and grow our business to offer better services to all our customers. This includes growing through partnerships, and bringing excellent individuals, like Paul from Costal Financial & Insurance Services, into the organisation.

We look forward to further improving and expanding the services that we offer – for Paul’s clients and to our clients over the years ahead.

What Financial Planning Services Are Available At Oracle?

For both individuals and businesses, we offer a wide range of financial planning services, designed to meet your needs completely. The services that we offer allow us will always be tailored, but you can rely on us to build complete plans that work for you and your financial priorities. Some of the most common services that we offer include:

Our areas of expertise and broad, and clients have come to rely on their Oracle advisor across a broad range of areas, including:

And now Paul is a part Oracle! If you’ve been coming to Paul for your financial advice for years, why not take advantage of a full suite of financial services under the one roof?

How Will Coastal Customers Benefit From Oracle Financial Planning Services?

Over the past 25 years that Paul has been in operation, his clients have come to rely on his insight, ethics, and professionalism. He will continue to bring these distinguishing qualities to his new role within the Oracle team, and clients will not experience any difference to their service.

The benefits to working with a national financial services provider are many, from the expanded suite of services available, to the easy transition of information to another Oracle should you leave the area.

Consider Our Other Financial Services!

Our team can assist you with mortgage broking, home loans, investment loans, care and recreational vehicle loans, business loans and equipment finance. Whether you’re looking to start up a business, scale up your existing operation, or simply looking to broaden the scope of your assets, we will be able to help you take full advantage of the opportunities available to you.

What Happens To Coastal Financial & Insurance Services?

For clients, absolutely nothing changes, and it remains business as usual. You will continue to be able to access your existing financial planning services by speaking to Paul and the Oracle team.

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