Estate Planning

Estate & Succession Planning

Preparing for the unthinkable

Estate Planning is an essential part of any financial plan and important to get in place whilst you are healthy and in control.

This is the process of implementing a valid will, guardianship and options for children in the event of early death of parents, and nominating estate executors that will carry out your wishes.

Once in place, regular updates may be required depending on your circumstances.

Personal Succession Planning is so important as you age, especially if one partner takes care of the finances. It is important to streamline this area so that there is a plan or process in place to alleviate issues.

Business Succession Planning is also an important area for business owners to have in place in the event of a key person in the business dying prematurely and as they age and wish to retire. Offloading the business must be planned for to maximise the benefits received.

At Oracle Advisory Group we specialise in analysing your current Estate and Succession Planning needs and connecting you with Estate specialists who can advise the best outcomes for you based on your specific needs.

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