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With a flat management structure that makes us highly approachable and flexible, we firmly believe that people looking at a new career direction will find that Oracle offers the best financial advisor jobs out there. By joining our quality advisory team, you gain access to the leading tools, training, and supports that you need to take your work to the next level, backed by a group with the resources and capability to meet your drive to succeed.

What we provide those that join our advisory team

By coming to Oracle, you firstly gain the capacity to move around. We maintain offices as wide-ranging as Sydney, Central Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and right through to Wagga Wagga, so for those looking for a lifestyle change, we’ve got the financial advisor jobs to meet that goal. Beyond that, we also have the right blend of support and resources to help you drive better services for your clients. These include:

  • Paraplanning
  • Business support (around strategy, planning, financing, marketing, recruitment, compliance and more)
  • Technical support
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Communication

What are my options in joining the advisory team?

Total flexibility is always our goal, and we understand how important it is that those in financial advisor jobs have the ability to be innovative and engage with clients on their own terms. We have a flat fee structure for those that would like to become licensees and leverage off our brand while remaining independent of us. Alternatively, you can always look at selling your business to Oracle, and then either run a separate office, or join one of our existing locations.

When it comes to financial advisor jobs, we simply want to be working with the best. Our goal is to be our client’s primary source of advice on all of their financial matters, and we know that hinges on us having a diversity of skills and expertise within the group.

At Oracle we have the expertise, financial backing, experience and administrative support to assist you in expanding your career. It’s not just about offering financial advisor jobs – we give you the opportunity to take a leadership position and maintain control over your own destiny.

For more information on joining the advisory team, and the options that are available to you in becoming part of the Oracle team, contact us today.

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