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Paramatta is the “CBD of Western Sydney.” One of the fastest-growing parts of the city, and an exploding hub of residential, commercial and recreational excitement, Paramatta locals are rightfully proud of their area. When you ask which financial planner Parramatta locals can trust, they will point you to Oracle Advisory Group. We’re locals ourselves, love our city and location, and have a unique understanding about the area, what motivates people, and where their best financial opportunities lie.

The services that make us the financial planner Parramatta locals trust

For the people of Paramatta and the surrounding suburbs, we offer services that include (but aren’t limited to):

When looking for a financial planner Paramatta locals need to trust that their planner can offer expert advice for each stage in their financial lives. At Oracle, our services to clients start from the very earliest stages of the financial journey, as our client looks to purchase their first car and house, to the time where they set up a SMSF, start making investments, and then plan towards retirement. Eventually we help them transition into retirement and aged care, too. Our clients can rely on us to always provide expert advice that is centred on them, their needs, and financial goals.

Our depth makes us the financial planner Parramatta locals trust

For individuals, we can assist with balancing investment portfolios that include the full range of asset classes: we provide expert advice on cash, ETFs, managed funds, ASX securities and international securities, and the best blend of investments that will work for you. We can also help you build the right portfolio for your risk appetite, regardless of whether you are building for long-term gains or speculative investments. Outside of investments, we can help with other financial matters, too, such as organising that all-important home loan, or simply helping you to get away for a while for a dream holiday.

Meanwhile, we have a wide range of services to support Paramatta’s vibrant business community too. We can assist with the setting up of a business and the running of it. Perhaps you need to establish a line of credit to invest in your business, or acquire essential equipment through asset finance? We have you covered.

To deliver our leading financial services solutions, we work with a huge range of loan providers – over 40, in fact – to ensure that you always have access to genuine choice in who you provide your business to. Other financial planners might recommend from a small pool of providers that they have chosen to work with, but our goal has always been to find you the right solution for your needs, rather than put the hard sell on something that benefits us, so we are agnostic about how we approach the loan products we present to you.

We’re also proud to say that we are fully compliant with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and other industry standards at all times. We believe that to be the financial planner Paramatta locals can trust, then we need to take complete ethical responsibility for both our clients and industry, and with that in mind, we do offer a modern and innovative lending platform that cuts through the red tape and fast-tracks results, but only in a way that is in line with industry standards.

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With Oracle, our decades’ worth of experience is there to service your financial needs. Our goal is to offer genuine, value-adding support to individuals and businesses alike, and by doing so, we are adding something valuable to the local community.

You’ll find that with Oracle in support you’ll be making your money work for you in a way that you never imagined – the sooner you start, the better.

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