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Rockhampton is a way of life for locals. Situated right in the heart of Queensland, if it a bustling area of agriculture and industry, but also tourism and lifestyle, with a modern nightlife and some of the best food and dining options in the state. A wide array of people live and work in Rockhampton, and that’s why Oracle Advisory Group is the financial planner Rockhampton locals can rely on. Our services are broad and our business is national, so you can be sure that when you come to us, your financial concerns will be looked after.

What we offer as the financial planner Rockhampton trusts

Your financial health and future is not something that you want to take risks with. By engaging with proven experts, such as those of us at Oracle, a leading financial planner that Rockhampton locals trust, you can be sure that you will be making the most with your financial position.

As a financial planner to Rockhampton, our services are tailored to the people and businesses of the area, and include (but are not limited to):

Financial Planning


Cash Flow Budgeting

Debt Management

Personal Insurance Brokers

Estate Planning

What you need to know is that at Oracle, we can assist our customers over their entire financial life, from the early stages as they first start to leverage their money to purchase their first car and house, to the point where they break out and start a business or look to set up a SMSF and plan for retirement. We then help them transition into retirement and aged care, too, and make sure that their financial situation is well covered at that point.

The financial planner Rockhampton locals have come to rely on

If you’re an investor, whether you dabble or make it your primary source of income, we can assist you there, by balancing investment portfolios that include cash, ETFs, managed funds, ASX securities and international securities. Our team provide expert and considered advice that always puts the customer first, and always considers their personal appetites, financial goals, and risks. Outside of investments, we can help with other financial matters, too. Finding the right home loan is more important than ever, or perhaps you just want to treat the family to a dream holiday. Oracle has you covered there, too.

Rockhampton welcomes entrepreneurs and business leaders, and so too does Oracle. We have a range of services that can assist both with the setting up of a business and the running of it. Perhaps you need to establish a line of credit to invest in your business, or acquire essential equipment through asset finance? We have you covered.

To deliver our leading financial services solutions and be the financial planner that Rockhampton locals can rely on, we work with a huge range of loan providers – over 40, in fact – to ensure that you always have access to genuine choice in who you provide your business to. Our goal has always been to find you the right solution for your needs, rather than put the hard sell on something that benefits us.

We’re also proud to say that we are fully compliant with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and other industry standards at all times. We believe that the most critical thing of all is that we are responsible to both our clients and industry, and with that in mind, we do offer a modern and innovative lending platform that cuts through the red tape and fast-tracks results, but only in a way that is in line with industry standards.

Finally, it’s worth noting that as an Australia-wide company, our services can move when you do. If for any reason you need to leave the Rockhampton city, you can always pick things up with our team in your new home area.

You’ll find that with Oracle you don’t just gain the skills of the financial planner Rockhampton local’s trust. You will also be making your money work for you in a way that you never imagined.

The sooner you get on the pathway to financial health, the better. For more information on why we’re the financial planning Rockhampton locals have come to trust, click here.

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