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One of the thriving centres of Australian agriculture, Taree has it all – a great location on the NSW Mid North Coast, a great community, and a great lifestyle. For financial planning Taree locals come to Oracle Advisory Group. We’re locals ourselves, care about our community, and that experience and history in the region means that we’re well placed to provide the best services that will support both the individuals and businesses in the area.

Our services

Our suite of leading financial planning services to Taree locals include (but are not limited to):

We also have a range of business services to local owners. Taree has a thriving agricultural sector, and the town itself is one of Australia’s highlights in terms of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment small businesses. We have services that are tailored to the needs of the local business community, to help them grow and thrive.

When looking for financial planning Taree locals need to trust that their providers can help their clients with every stage in their financial life, from when they’re just starting out right through to when they’re looking forward to retirement and the transfer of their estate.

We have assisted our customers in the purchase their first car and house, through to setting up their SMSF and making sure that they’ve maximised their retirement savings. Eventually we help them transition into retirement and aged care, too. We look at each of our customers as a long-term relationship and make sure that we are there for them at every step of the journey.

The financial planning Taree locals can trust

One of the key services that we provide to individuals is assistance with their portfolios. We can help create the ideal balance in a mixed portfolio that includes cash, ETFs, managed funds, ASX securities and international securities. Each of our customers has a different appetite for risk and whatever you’re looking to take a long-term or speculative position, we can assist you. We can also assist with rebalancing that portfolio as your financial priorities shift.

Outside of investments, we can help with other financial matters, too, such as organising that all-important home loan. Sometimes you simply need money for the dream holiday getaway, and we can assist with that too.

Meanwhile, for local businesses and entrepreneurs, we have a range of services that can assist both with the setting up of a business and the running of it. Perhaps you need to establish a line of credit to invest in your business, or acquire essential equipment through asset finance? We have you covered.

Across our leading financial services solutions, we work with a huge range of loan providers – over 40, in fact – and that means that you always have genuine choice. Our focus is always customer-centric, and we are here to help you find the right solution for your needs, rather than put the hard sell on something that benefits us.

As ethical financial planning provides, we are compliant with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and other industry standards at all times. We believe that to provide the best financial planning Taree has to offer we need to be responsible to both our clients and industry, and with that in mind, we do offer a modern and innovative lending platform that cuts through the red tape and fast-tracks results, but only in a way that is in line with industry standards.

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With Oracle, our decades’ worth of experience is there to service your financial needs. Our goal is to offer genuine, value-adding support to individuals and businesses alike, and by doing so, we are adding something valuable to the people of Taree.

Many of our clients discover ways to make their money work that they would never have imagined. That is the benefit of having the expert team at Oracle in support, and the sooner that you start the better for your long-term financial health.

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