Grace Financial Services Joins Oracle

Grace Financial Services Has Joined the Oracle Family!

Oracle Advisory Group and Grace Financial Services are thrilled to announce that the two organisations have joined forces and Grace Financial has become integrated within the group. This new partnership will further deepen the depth and expertise across Oracle Advisory Group, while allowing Grace Financial Services clients access to a broader range of services.

Grace Financial Services is a natural fit for the Oracle Group, with shared values, approach, and style. We aim to continue to provide each client with the professional, detailed, financial advice that they deserve.

As we join Oracle’s Newcastle team, we will continue to look after all your financial planning needs, coupled with Oracle’s mortgage broking services. Our team can assist you with home loans, investment loans, care and recreational vehicle loans, business loans and equipment finance.

Our commitment to our clients hasn’t changed

Grace Financial Services truly cares about our clients and their success. The name ‘Grace Financial Services’ reflects that focus, as “Grace” is all about giving. As Grace Financial joins forces with Oracle, we make a promise to uphold our name.

With over 20 years of professional experience, James Massey, who will remain at the company following the acquisition, offers our clients continued access to his expertise. With his background as an engineer and in the Christian ministry, you will be provided with a combination of complete professionalism, ethical business, attention to detail and personal care. James has specialty qualifications in many areas, including property investing, direct securities, self-managed superannuation funds and investment gearing.

James brings a wealth of expertise to the Oracle Advisory Group and understands the importance of long-term client relationships. His experience in his field will benefit the knowledge base that all Oracle customers can access.

What happens to Grace Financial Services?

For existing clients, it will be very much a case of “business as usual,” as they will have access to their services through James. The acquisition simply provides Grace Financial Services with the additional resources, tools, and contacts that they can offer their customers to further drive financial success.

We are pleased to formally welcome James to the Oracle family! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions regarding financial planning.

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