Australian Equities

Oracle Australian Equities Portfolio

Oracle’s Australian Equities Portfolio includes large well-known Australian companies that we believe can deliver capital growth and a consistent dividend income to investors.

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Invest in Australia’s leading companies

Oracle’s Australian Equities Portfolio provides investors exposure to the largest 100 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. We scour the market for companies with strong earnings growth, pricing power, and the likelihood of capital returns. We take a high-conviction approach to investing, focusing primarily on company fundamentals first, with a secondary emphasis on the macroeconomic environment.

Portfolio top 10 holdings

Charter Hall

GQG Partners

Macquarie Group


Block Inc.


Incitec Pivot



Treasury Wine

Investment Objective

To provide investors with long-term capital growth, dividends and tax effective income.

The portfolio aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 100 benchmark over a rolling 3-year period.

Portfolio Manager

George Kurian

Investment Universe

ASX listed securities that have a market capitalisation similar in size to those in the S&P/ASX 100.


S&P/ASX 100 Accumulation Index

Investment Strategy

To use active bottom up stock selection, focusing on buying quality securities at reasonable prices. The securities are assessed as meeting our investment criteria of strong earnings growth and as likely to provide attractive returns to investors.

Investment Philosophy

At Oracle we fundamentally believe that sustainable earnings growth drives stock prices over the medium to long term. Finding these opportunities at a reasonable valuation is the key to superior returns over time.

Portfolio Performance

As at 31 May 2024

1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 2yr p.a 3yr p.a. Inception*
Australian Equities 0.54% 1.10% 15.25% 15.79% 9.62% 3.73% 6.20%
(S&P ASX 100 Accumulation Index)
0.96% 1.04% 10.53% 13.04% 7.93% 6.89% 7.22%
Outperformance -0.42% 0.06% 4.72% 2.75% 1.69% -3.16% -1.02%

* Inception date is 1 July 2019
* Benchmark data is of S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index prior to 1/7/2022.

Portfolio performance is after investment manager fees and before administration and platform fees. Performance figures are calculated by HUB24 and aggregated monthly. These figures represent historical performance only. Past performance should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Individual Portfolio performance may vary depending on date of initial investment, contributions, withdrawals and individual investor’s nominated investment constraints (including tax).

Investment Fees

Management Fee

0.75% incl. GST

How to invest in the Australian Equities Portfolio

1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement

2. Contact Oracle Advisory Group today or speak to an advisor to complete the process.

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