Our Portfolios

Oracle manages a range of different portfolios to cater for clients of all risk appetites. You will find below a brief summary of each and a link to more information.

Oracle Emerging Companies Portfolio

The Oracle Emerging Companies Portfolio provides investors diversity by investing in a range of small and medium sized stocks listed on the ASX.

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Oracle Australian Equities Portfolio

The Oracle Australian Equities Portfolio includes large well-known Australian companies that we believe can deliver capital growth and a consistent dividend income to investors.

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Oracle Global Equities Portfolio

The Oracle Global Equities Portfolio gives investors exposure to international markets by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies listed on foreign stock exchanges.

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Oracle Fixed Income Portfolio

The Oracle Fixed Income Portfolio provides a reliable income stream by investing in investment grade fixed income securities. The portfolio primarily invests in Australian corporate bonds and listed fixed income.

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Oracle Property Securities Portfolio

The Oracle Property Security Portfolio offers investors exposure to the Australian property sector by investing in a range of ASX-listed real estate investment trusts (REITs).

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