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Personal Loans – Motor Finance – Leasing

Are you looking at securing finance for personal needs, such as renovating your home, purchasing a car or motor vehicle? Oracle Lending Specialists has a product and solution that can fit your needs.

Whether its for a:

  • car
  • boat
  • caravan
  • trailer
  • motorbike, or
  • horse float

Making this area of debt effective and manageable is important, as these types of loans generally charge higher rates of interest and fees for service. Understanding payment terms is necessary as interest rates don’t always tell the whole story.

Having an advisor and lending specialist on your side can help cut through the jargon so you understand exactly what you are signing up to.

Leasing Arrangements

Leasing a motor vehicle whether it be for personal or business needs can be an effective way to get the vehicle you want now without the issue of investing all your hard-earned cash.

Other advantages of a lease are:

  • Reduce the need for a large upfront lump sum payment
  • Spread payments out over a specified lease term – 4 to 5 years normally
  • Decide whether you want a “balloon” payment at the end of the term to reduce initial and ongoing costs
  • Take advantage of possible taxation advantages for business use

Oracle Lending Specialists can set you up with a leasing arrangement to suit your specific situation.

We also have links to business providers who can help you find the car you want and financial advisers at Oracle who can advise on the best strategy to maximise your wealth.

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