Lucy & Hepworth Is Proudly Part of The Oracle Family

Lucy & Hepworth Is Proudly Part Of The Oracle Family!

Bob Lucy & Stephen Hepworth are true veterans of the Ballina community. With over 50 years of combined experience offering accounting services to the community, the team made the decision to join with Australia’s leading group, Oracle Advisory Group, to offer their clients a broader range of services. The people and businesses of the Ballina area can now access services only possible in collaboration with a truly national organisation.

At the same time, the Lucy & Hepworth team continue to offer a personalised approach that has served their community over decades. Oracle is a nation-wide group, but it is also committed to giving each of its offices the flexibility and autonomy that they need to focus on their customers. Clients can trust that they’re getting a truly local service, tailored to their needs, but also backed by the kind of resources that only come from an organisation of national scale.

The Lucy & Hepworth services available to you

The Lucy & Hepworth team leverage their extensive experience to provide a broad suite of accounting and financial planning services to their clients, including individuals, super funds and businesses. At every step, you can expect that your interactions with Lucy & Hepworth will be characterised by extreme professionalism, a complete focus on detail, and truly expert financial advice.

For individuals, Lucy & Hepworth offer locals assistance in financial planning, estate planning, home loans, and investment loans. We have assisted clients with every step of their financial lives, from the point where they’re just starting out, making their first investments, and protecting their assets, right through to managing super and preparing for retirement.

For local businesses, we can assist with tax, equipment financing, and business accounting. The thriving local business community in Ballina has long benefitted greatly from the support and local understanding that comes from the Lucy & Hepworth team.

And, as an additional benefit to trusting in Lucy & Hepworth, as they are backed by a national organisation in Oracle, if you should ever find yourself moving away from the Ballina region, you can seamlessly transition to your new accountant.

The Lucy & Hepworth commitment to clients

The team at Lucy & Hepworth truly cares about our clients and their success. Both before and after joining forces with Oracle, we have committed to, and deliver on, our promise to continue to offer personalised service.

When you come to Lucy & Hepworth, you will be looked after by our team of expert accountants. Across accounting & financial planning, we have a wealth of experience, earned over years of client service, that will guarantee you receive professionalism, ethics, attention to detail, and personal care.

We understand and truly appreciates the importance of long-term client relationships. Our experience in all fields of accounting and financial planning is then further enhanced by depth across the whole Oracle group.

Lucy & Hepworth: Your #1 accounting service in the Ballina region

Whether you’re looking for financial services and advice for the first time, or one of the many long-term clients that have relied on and trusted Lucy & Hepworth for years, one of the hallmarks of the business has been its consistency.

Through every transition the company has made, and in becoming part of the Oracle Advisory Group, the unwavering commitment to clients, the range of services, and our ability to provide trusted, leading advice has never changed.

By coming to Lucy & Hepworth – and the broader Oracle Advisory Group – you are benefitting from one of the most exciting stories in Australian accounting. Our advisers, across the nation, have been helping Australians realise their financial potential since 1986, and in that time, we haven’t stopped growing and finding new and innovative ways to service our clients.

Lucy & Hepworth were so thrilled to become part of the Oracle Advisory family precisely because our values align; we use our experience and expertise to develop wealth accumulation strategies tailored to meet each individual customer’s financial goals.

We are a dynamic, growing company, built on core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. So, if you’re in the Ballina region, be sure to reach out to the team if you have any questions regarding accounting and financial planning!

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