Astute Advisory Services Joins Oracle Family!

Oracle Advisory Group comes to Rockhampton with Astute Advisory Services

Oracle Advisory Group is happy to announce that, with the acquisition of the highly respected local firm, Astute Advisory Services, we now have our first office in Rockhampton, and we can now service the financial needs of locals with a leading Financial Planner in Rockhampton as we have Brisbane, regional NSW, Sydney and Melbourne.

Astute Advisory Services is a natural fit for the Oracle Group. We share a common philosophy towards investment, focusing on building wealth for our clients through direct equities and bonds. We also work with the same stockbrokers, and so Astute Advisory Services customers will experience no disruption through the acquisition.

Indeed, that is why we’ve brought Astute Advisory Services into the group. It’s not just that they’re a leading Financial Planner Rockhampton locals have come to trust. Their expertise and deep understanding of their clients has allowed them to provide the highest standard of financial support to their clients for the past 12 years. We will continue to serve the customers to that heritage and standard, while also offering them the benefits and resources that a national organisation like the broader Oracle Advisory Group can supply.

What happens to Astute Advisory Services?

All of Astute Advisory Services’ talent, as well as the office location, will be maintained. Indeed, the transition has already occurred. The owner of Astute Advisory Services, Omar, will remain as an Authorised Representative within the Group, though the acquisition allows him greater flexibility to travel and work remotely, while ensuring that his clients continue to receive the absolute best in care and representation.

We are thrilled to be able to start directly serving the people of Rockhampton! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about your financial future.

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