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Unforeseen events and their expenses can significantly harm your financial security.

That’s why it’s so important to get your personal insurance cover right from the start. With an experienced insurance advisor, you can plan and protect your wealth.

Our goal is to help you secure the most suitable personal insurance coverage for yourself, your family and your future. Our expert team ensures you can enjoy peace of mind that your finances will be protected when it matters most.

Personal insurance plans you can count on

We find that many of your new clients don’t fully understand their personal insurance.

For instance, you may not be aware of:

  • What you are covered for
  • How much cover you have
  • Whether this cover is sufficient
  • The terms and conditions that are applied

What’s more, your insurance needs will likely change over time and therefore should be reviewed regularly.

Our insurance advisors specialise in analysing your needs by assessing your current coverage, discussing the various options and structures available to you and tailoring the right solution at the lowest possible price.

We offer a FREE initial strategy session that will help you to understand the many opportunities and pitfalls that exist and more importantly, how we can guide you to a place that suits your personal insurance requirements.

Different types of personal insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance is essential if you wish to help your loved ones rebuild their lives in the event of your passing. With the right cover in place, they can receive an appropriate lump sum payment to look after themselves. Whether that be to replace lost income, pay off debts or support their needs.

Professional life insurance advice from our experienced financial planners will ensure you secure the most suitable cover for your circumstances. Together, we can take measures to protect your family’s financial security long after you’re gone.

What could life insurance cover?

  • Debt payouts after premature death
  • Liquidity to your estate after premature death
  • The livelihood of your loved ones after premature death

    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

    Serious illness or accidents can be devastating to a family’s finances and lifestyle. With a personalised TPD insurance policy, you can be confident you will be able to provide for yourself and your loved ones even if you are unable to ever work again.

    While some form of TPD insurance may be included through your super funds, it is important to understand exactly what you are covered for. Our personal insurance advisers are experts in such policies and will make sure your needs are met with reputable insurers.

    What could Total & Permanent Disability insurance cover?

    • Lost wages to you and your loved ones (if they need to care for you)
    • Medical expenses
    • Home modifications
    • Debt payouts in the same circumstances as above

      Critical Illness AKA Trauma Insurance

      If diagnosed with a significant illness or condition, you may need funds for medical costs and assistance and to take time off work for weeks, months or potentially even years.

      With Critical Illness of Trauma insurance, you will receive a lump sum payment to support expenses such as medical fees, mortgage payments, childcare costs and more. That way, you can focus your energy on getting better instead of worrying about your finances.

      Our advisers can provide expert guidance and support with Trauma insurance, helping you to weigh up your options and implement the most appropriate policies for you.

      Common types of health conditions covered under Critical Illness Insurance can include:

      • Heart attack
      • Stoke
      • Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia
      • Permanent Paralysis of limbs
      • Organ failure
      • Cancers and tumours
      • Deafness/Blindness

      What can Trauma insurance cover?

      • Medical expenses
      • Lost wages to you and your loved ones (if they need to care for you)
      • Recuperation costs

        Income Protection Insurance

        If you cannot work due to injury or illness, Income Protection insurance enables the continuation of your salary payments until you’re ready to return. It pays for a specific time period based on the precise policy implemented, usually between 2 to 5 years or up to age 65 to 70. You will receive this payment once a specific waiting period of unfit for work has been attained – either 14, 30, 60, 90 days or longer.

        You can set up Income Protection insurance in a variety of ways, including investing through your superannuation or paying for it directly out of your bank account. At Oracle Advisory Group, our insurance specialists can help you to select the right policy for your needs.

        What can Income Protection insurance cover?

        • Up to 75% of your annual gross lost income
        • Your lost employment superannuation payments

        Personal Insurance with Oracle

        tailored insurance advice for life

        In it for the long haul, we care about building lasting relationships with our clients. Whatever your life stage, we’ll analyse every facet of your finances to provide personalised insurance solutions now and into the future.

        local service across fifteen locations

        With offices in Newcastle, Parramatta, North Sydney, Nelson Bay, Central Coast, Wagga Wagga, Ballina, Taree, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Bendigo, our insurance advisors are based locally in your area. With a deep understanding of both Australian and regional markets, we deliver expert financial advice you can trust.

        licenced insurance advisers

        Our team of trusted insurance advisers hold many years of experience in financial planning for individuals. We offer the technical expertise to prepare and manage your insurance, keeping you informed throughout the process.

        holistic support

        From mortgage broking and investment strategies to cash flow budgeting and aged care advice, our extensive team of specialists is equipped to support all of your decisions under one roof. With us, you can receive clear, comprehensive solutions for every financial domain.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        what is life insurance?

        Life insurance is a lump sum payment to your family or other chosen beneficiaries in the event of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. The purpose of life insurance is to provide loved ones with financial security if you were to pass away.

        The term Life insurance can sometimes be used as a collective to describe the multiple different types of cover for you to choose from including:

        • Term life insurance
        • Total and Permanent Disability cover
        • Trauma insurance
          Child Insurance
        • Income Protection insurance
        advised life insurance vs direct life insurance

        Advised life insurance is life insurance that you obtain through the use of a specialised financial adviser, whereas direct life insurance is very much ‘off the shelf’.

        Some people prefer advised life insurance because it removes a lot of the confusion when it comes to choosing an appropriate policy and understanding the coverage’s terms and conditions. Getting professional advice helps narrow your options to find a policy that properly suits your specific requirements and desires. It will also eliminate the risk of being over/underinsured or paying more than you should in premiums.

        While direct life insurance requires less upfront medical information and applications can be completed in minutes, it is definitely not without its faults. The traps here are under-insurance risk, inappropriate policies, or unexpected terms and conditions resulting in an avoidable decline in a claim.

        Under insurance was highlighted back in 2013 when research from life insurance provider TAL found only 30%-37% of Australians aged 18-69 held life insurance. Only 11-18% held disability cover, income protection insurance, or critical illness and trauma cover.

        how much is life insurance?

        The cost of your life insurance policy will vary depending on a range of factors, including:

        • Your current health and medical history
        • Your occupation
        • Your hobbies
        • Whether you’re a smoker or non-smoker
        • Your gender and age
        • Your sum insured

        The best strategy is to speak with a trusted insurance advisor who can tailor the right package for you that works with your individual circumstances.


        is trauma insurance taxable?

        In general, trauma insurance is not taxable. Typically, you will not need to pay tax on trauma insurance payouts unless the policy is held for business purposes subject to Capital Gains Tax. Therefore, trauma insurance premiums are not usually tax deductible.

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