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Oracle Advisory Group offers a comprehensive range of investment options including:

blankSeparately Managed Accounts

blank Managed Funds

blank Model Portfolios

blank ASX securities

blank Cash

blank Term Deposits

blank International securities

blank Initial Public Offers

blank Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)/Listed Investment Companies

blank Fixed Interest securities

blank Exchange Traded Options (ETO) (available through Managed Funds and Model Portfolios)


Share transactions

Through our association with one of Australia’s leading stockbrokers, Oracle provides clients with access to direct share ownership. Our advisers have extensive experience in analysing the prospects of listed companies and can provide tailored advice to clients. Oracle can also efficiently assist with the sale of shares in listed companies and have the proceeds deposited into your account in 4 business days.

Managed Portfolios

Oracle Investment Management, part of the Oracle Advisory Group, is a comprehensive investment administration platform that delivers superior administration, tailored investment solutions and flexible reporting, all providing a powerful investor experience.

Oracle offers a broad suite of actively managed portfolio’s, removing the stress from the investing process. Our portfolio options include Australian shares, international shares and corporate bond portfolios. Your adviser will work with you to determine your risk profile and then set a framework by which your portfolio will be managed. Unlike managed funds you have absolute transparency to view exactly what you own at any me and receive the tax benefit of franking credits (tax credits from Australian companies).

All administration of this portfolio is provided by the Oracle Managed Accounts, which provides to investors full online access, quarterly portfolio reports and annual taxation statements.


Investment Advice

With so many options available, deciding where to invest your money can be a daunting task. At Oracle we will review your personal circumstances on an ongoing basis, to ensure that you receive suitable, up to date advice for your financial well-being.

Oracle offers an investment option for all stages of life. Whether you want to be actively involved in decision or leave it to the experts, there is an option to suit you.

Contact us today and start your journey towards a greater freedom that you deserve and a partnership with people who care!

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