self management super fund administration

Make the most of every dollar, even in your super. Let’s find out if a self managed super fund (SMSF) is right for you, and our expert team will handle the rest, integrating it with your tailored wealth management plan.

Having an SMSF isn’t difficult or confusing

When you combine an efficient and technologically advanced SMSF service with a quality investment advisory service, you are better able to take full advantage of the many benefits that a SMSF may offer. Oracle’s comprehensive SMSF package includes everything you need to properly establish and administer your SMSF… and our service can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Benefits

Self-managed super funds have many advantages over the vast majority of traditional retail or industry super funds. It is also important to balance the risks of an SMSF, which our financial advisors will take into consideration and will educate you along the way.

Significantly greater investment control

Ability to increase returns and interest

Wider range of investment choices

Minimise associated fees and costs

Felxibility in contribution amounts and timings

Opportunity to minimise overall tax paid

Customise to your unique lifestyle or situations

Additional estate planning benefits

Potential asset protection

Integrate with your wealth management plan

Establishing your SMSF

As a full-service wealth management firm, we do encourage our clients to speak to an Oracle advisor to establish if a SMSF is right for them, to minimise any associated risks and to make the most of their super.

Once applied for, we will create your SMSF documents and Trust Deed, which will be provided to you professionally bound for your records. Your comprehensive package will contain everything you need to properly execute and register your SMSF, including a Superannuation Fund Instructional Guide which will explain how to operate your SMSF and will explain the various statutory and regulatory requirements of trustees.

Your SMSF Trust Deed provided by Oracle will be prepared by a leading firm of solicitors who specialise in SMSF preparation and production, ensuring that the governing rules within the Deed do not restrict the fund from entering into a geared investment strategy.

Administering your SMSF

Whilst we can tailor financial and investment solutions to meet your individual needs, we do offer the same dedicated service in administering your SMSF at a competitive fixed-fee. At Oracle, we believe that when you combine an efficient SMSF administration service with a quality investment advisory service, clients are better able to take full advantage of the many benefits that a SMSF may offer.

As an Oracle SMSF client, here are some of the convenient services
you will enjoy:

  • We handle all your fund’s paperwork and keep it up to date
  • We prepare and complete your fund’s accounts,
    tax return and annual audit
  • With your own personal login, your fund’s information is available to you at all times
  • Our expert team ensures your fund is fully compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations
  • You have access to Oracle’s financial and investment advisory service to help you make vital super investment decisions

Want to establish an SMSF?

Need help with an existing SMSF?

Request a call with one of our expert advisors to discuss your SMSF needs.