SMSF administration

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A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) offers you the opportunity to take control of your retirement savings. Provided you’re prepared to dedicate the time and commit to all compliance duties, you’ll be able to take the lead on key decisions concerning your fund.

Our SMSF specialists in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Central Coast and Wagga Wagga provide a full range of expert support services including set up, financial document preparation, tax returns and annual auditing. In other words, you can leave the hard work to us.

SMSF administration

Trustees of a Self Managed Super Fund must ensure that their fund complies with the Superannuation Act and Superannuation Regulations, a responsibility that you may find overwhelming. What’s more, fund investment strategies must be reviewed regularly to make sure they are on track to achieving your financial goals.

With our comprehensive Self Managed Super Fund administration services, you can enjoy peace of mind that your retirement savings are structured to fulfill your future aspirations. No matter how complex your financials and investments may be, we will guide you through all required processes for optimal results.

Our SMSF administration services

Oracle Self Managed Super Fund specialists offer holistic and efficient services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Setting up a SMSF to maximise tax benefits
  • Establishing trust deeds
  • Assisting with administrative and compliance duties
  • Planning and advising on investment strategies
  • Monitoring updates in the market value of your investments
  • Monitoring fund contributions and transfers
  • Preparing tax returns and financial statements
  • Managing financial reporting obligations
  • Conducting annual independent audits
  • Assistance in accessing funds and wind-ups


SMSF audits

One condition of running a Self Managed Super Fund is conducting an annual audit to ensure it remains in line with trustee rules and Government legislation. Our highly-qualified SMSF auditor is available to manage all of your auditing requirements.

With our thorough approach and strict adherence to industry standards, we will reduce any risks involved in your fund and protect you as its trustee. Oracle completes every audit with utmost diligence and expertise, so you can be confident that your fund is in check.

SMSF tax returns

As a SMSF trustee, it is your legal duty to lodge an annual tax return for your Self Managed Super Fund. As this is a complex yet critical procedure, we strongly advise that you seek the support of a professional accountant who will take the time to truly understand your Self Managed Super Fund needs and objectives.

At Oracle, we have a highly-skilled and accredited team of Certified Practicing Accountants who work tirelessly to keep your Self Managed Super Fund compliant. Our registered company auditor has over 20 years experience and takes the time to review each fund individually, signing off on all lodgements with the Australian Tax Office and ensuring it remains compliant throughout its life.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is SMSF?

SMSF stands for Self Managed Super Fund, which is a private retirement fund that members operate themselves. Although you still make contributions as you would to a retail or industry super fund, self-management allows you to choose which investments and insurance to spend your savings on.

An SMSF can have a maximum of four members, who will act as trustees of the fund unless you choose to organise a corporate trustee. Either way, you will be legally responsible for your SMSF so it’s important to fully understand the obligations and risks involved.

why set up an SMSF instead of a public superannuation fund?

The main advantage of setting up your own Self Managed Super Fund is the greater control you’ll have over investment decisions. As a trustee of your fund, you’ll be in charge of both its investment strategy and which assets it holds.

While subject to legal restrictions, your SMSF is permitted to invest in investments that are not typically available to public super funds. That means you can customise your fund’s investments to satisfy the distinct requirements of its trustees, both in preparation for and during retirement.

can I have a SMSF and an industry fund?

Yes. There is no legislation to prohibit you from being a trustee of a Self Managed Super Fund and a member of an industry fund simultaneously.

how can professional SMSF administration help me?

With expert SMSF administration services, you will gain access to the financial and legal knowledge required to:

  1. Ensure compliance with all superannuation, taxation and investment legislation
  2. Devise and implement an investment strategy tailored to your risk tolerance and retirement requirements
  3. Comprehend various investment markets to build and manage a strong portfolio
  4. Arrange appropriate insurance for trustees

For more information on how we can help you to operate your SMSF, book a consultation with our trusted team today.

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